Leveraging Technology for Success
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Technology Strategy Plans

Technology Strategy Plans

Leveraging Technology to Maximize Your Organization’s Success



You spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on technology. What are you getting for that investment? For most organizations, not nearly as much as they could. Shifting to a Technology as Strategy approach can transform how you deliver value and engage your markets, greatly increasing the ROI from your technology investments.

Most organizations have an IT Plan but few have a Technology Strategy Plan. What’s the difference? An IT plan details changes and management of technical resources. It’s important, of course. But it limits the impact technology can have on the success of the organization.

Much of the time, technology is introduced after the strategic plan is in place. Technology is seen as the enabling capabilities, the response to a statement of need. Again, that’s important to streamlining processes and increase productivity, but insufficient.

A Technology Strategy Plan in contrast lays out a vision of how technology can be leveraged to extend and enhance the organization strategy plan, to help the organization be more successful to achieve its goals and mission.

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