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Lehman Associates offers a comprehensive range of consulting and research services to address our clients' needs. Our practice areas include the following.


Strategy is engine that drives successful programs and tactics, which in turns leads to organizational success. Only with clear strategic direction can these programs focus on the core goals and objectives of the organization. Strategy can be thought of as the set of conditions that if they occur will enable the organization to reach its goals. Core strategies remain constant while programs change to reflect changes in the environment and are fine-tuned based on experimentation and customer feedback. In today's rapid business cycles where programs need to be continually updated to reflect new opportunities and changing conditions, a solid strategic foundation becomes more important that ever.

Lehman Associates has worked with dozens of associations, non-profits and companies to translate goals and objectives into effective business, marketing, and product strategies.

  • Web and e.business strategies to increase membership value, enhance member / customer relationships, and generate additional revenue. (more)

  • Marketing strategies to increase member retention and new member recruitment, increase the sales of association products and services, and address non-member markets.

  • Information strategies to integrate data and provide more effective decision information.

  • Management strategies to increase performance.

Insight and Research

In the same way that strategy is the cornerstone of effective programs and tactics, insight is a cornerstone of good strategy. It is important to understand the underlying patterns of an industry or profession, and the organization's current role in that industry or profession. This involves gaining both a clear picture of the current situation and an understanding how that snapshot has changed and is likely to continue to change over time. In short, it requires solid information coupled with good insight.

We employed many approaches to help our clients gain the information and insight they need to be successful. (more)

  • Market research services including web-based, mail and telephone surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, and specialized techniques such as multi-level group sessions.

  • Data mining and analysis of existing data sources such as customer / membership information, sales data, AMS and CRM transactional data, and others.

  • Industry / Profession Marketplace Analysis using both primary and secondary sources to understand better existing patterns and emerging trends, and to anticipate future opportunities.


Innovation development and management is a core competency. Our creativity and future scenarios offerings help our clients see new opportunities, new approaches, and anticipate emerging trends and marketplace changes.

 Tom Lehman and Lehman Associates have a long history working at the edge of changing business models and emerging technologies. 

  • Online services business development at Control Data Corporation in the early 1980's. 

  • Consultant to Prodigy Services in 1993 on the opportunity to use cable modems as a means to deliver broadband services to households.

  • Early understanding of the impact of information technologies on business and communications. Publication of Doing Business on the Internet in 1995; an early advocate for Internet business planning for associations and companies.

  • Contributor to a major 1995 study for DOE on the interplay of information technology and physical travel, including the characterization of just-in-time inventory management as a substitution of predictive knowledge for physical storage. 

  • Development of the Travel Value Management approach, changing the model for corporate business travel management. This model is being adopted by a major travel provider as a basis for their national marketing programs.

  • Co-founded in 1998 OnSite Interactive Productions, an online conference and event services company.

  • Senior management team member of a new Internet-based market research firm in 2000.

  • Recognized early of the importance of hand-help remote devices such as cell phones and PDAs for information and member / customer interactions, and the strategic issues it raises for companies and associations. Incorporated these themes into industry presentations starting in 1999.

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